The Bacon & Lox Society Story

Celebration is the seed from which The Bacon & Lox Society grew, so it's probably no surprise that we first met and connected at a party (Valentines Day.)  Later that year, Heather invited Alisa's family to join hers for Sukkot. Then there was Passover, Easter, Hanukkah and Christmas too. It wasn't long before we started inviting each other to join in all our personal family holidays. Everyone agrees, that something magical happened every time we gathered.  

Over the years, and many latkes later, we gave ourselves a name and The Bacon & Lox Society came to be: a celebration congregation dedicated to the sharing of experiences and the intentional creation of new experiences. Even though we both grew up in opposite sides of the country (Heather from Miami and Alisa from Hawaii), we found that we both were raised to value artistic expression, and treasure togetherness and tradition. As we brought the rich cultural resources of our unique backgrounds together, our celebrations started to expand, and entirely new traditions were being created.

Our events are dedicated to the exploration of personal meaning through shared experience. As a celebrant, 'hostess with the mostest' and choreographer of experience, Alisa has long believed in the joy of sharing with others. Celebrated artist and gift designer Heather imbues each of our events with tangible details and artistic flourishes. The end result? A shared table that positively vibrates with the collective effervescence.

Love, Light and Latkes...

Alisa & Heather