BizBash Shows Us Some Love!

If you know anything about us over here at The Bacon & Lox Society, you know that we just love a good gathering and are always finding inspiration from other artist and event professionals. We've been dedicated to the art of bringing people together for as long as we can remember, so it's easy to understand how honored we were when the lovely people at BizBash featured our Full Circle Meal (AKA our Creek Dinner Event) in an article about events that bring people together.

We're incredibly grateful, and thought we'd pay it forward by sharing one of our favorite sites with you! BizBash isn't just a great source for news and discussion about the art of putting on the perfect event — they have a ton of resources that have come in handy and our favorite gifting guru Heather Arak-Kanofsky of Gifts for the Good Life (and the Lox of Bacon & Lox Society), is frequently featured for her company's unique perspective on ensuring guests feel special. 

Read the full article at BizBash, and check out a snippet below!


At the Bacon & Lox Society’s second Full Circle Meal event, “We emphasized ‘community over competition,’” said co-founder and Life-Cycle Celebrant Alisa Tongg about the creek dinner, which was a collaborative effort by the invited artisans. Based in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and founded by Tongg and co-owner of Gifts for the Good Life Heather Arak-Kanofsky, the interfaith celebration congregation aims to educate and enhance the spiritual lives of its members. To foster that sense of community, the duo created “credit cards,” which featured the contributors’ social media handles so that the guests could tag or “credit” the artists in their social media posts. Plus, the event hashtag #blscreekdinner allowed four attendees who were stuck in traffic to find each other and exchange gifts in a nearby parking lot.