Bacon & Lox Society

Creative Collective & Celebration Congregation


Sharing our secrets for creative celebration!


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Established in 2009, The Bacon & Lox Society is a creative collective and celebration congregation dedicated to the concept of the shared table and generosity of spirit.

We come together to celebrate the best of cultures, the creation of new meaningful traditions, and of course we do that through fabulous parties.

Co-founded by friends and collaborators, Alisa Tongg and Heather Arak-Kanofsky, the Bacon & Lox Society creates transformative, enlightening events that revel in personal significance and social meaning. Ours is a celebration of community and intentionality, and of the shared experiences that make us who we are.


the goals

We treasure togetherness, inclusion and intention. Here, we'll be sharing our favorite recipes, rituals, and traditions, giving you a look into the process behind Bacon & Lox Society's signature gatherings.


_ alisa tongg

Alisa Tongg is a Life-Cycle Celebrant trained in the art of ceremony and believes that rituals are the umami of life. Alisa was raised in a small cowboy town in upcountry Maui, and is a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation. She is a founding board member of her local chapter of Slow Food Pocono Mountains and loves travel and throwing dinner parties.

_ heather arak-kanofsky

"Never postpone joy" is a family philosophy, and Heather Arak-Kanofsky honors it by being the last to leave any dance floor. As a visual artist and Chief Creative at Gifts for the Good Life, Heather's life's work is to make ideas tangible, and she eagerly accessorizes all her experiences. Current obsessions include baking challah and making ceramics for holiday celebrations.