New Traditions: Why Our Yearly Holiday Cards are a Full-Family Affair


No two holiday seasons are the same, but there is one thing we do every year, like clockwork: send out the end-of-year Holiday Cards to our friends and family. Of course, this is a process that truly starts all the way back in October, when we all start picking out our glamorous outfits for our incredible yearly Christmas Tree Harvest Photo Shoot. My kids and I never miss an opportunity to make something as special: If there's a way for us to add a dash of personal flair to the proceedings, you can bet money we'll find it, and this goes double for the end-of-year Holiday season.

Everyone is involved in each step along the way as our Holiday cards are designed, printed, and then sent out. When the weather gets colder and night comes early, any opportunity to spend some time around a warm table with your favorite people is a welcome one, and our yearly Holiday Card Party has become one of our most cherished. Putting together such a massive mailing effort would be overwhelming if I had to handle it all on my own, but with the kids involved, each of us works together to make something special and lighten the load of conjuring all that holiday magic.


Our "Living Holiday List" keeps things exciting, too! We realized a few years back that sending out Holiday Cards is way more exciting when you let your kids get involved and include their friends on the mailing list. Not only do I get a couple helpers when the time comes to send out our Holiday Cards, but the kids get to enjoy the experience of personally sending a letter to their friends and loved ones, as well. And since we all worked so hard curating our incredible outfits and selecting the best picture, there's a real sense of pride that comes with each stamp we place and each envelope we seal.

Each year, we send out a Holiday Card that truly embodies our creatively ebullient spirits. We all pitch in, each of us contributing in our own unique ways, and the results come through loud and clear: From the fabulous fashion to the unbridled joy in our (usually candid) photos, it's easy to see we're a family that just loves to celebrate.